"What do you think about Blanket jackson and how he is homeschooled and always seems so isolated and miserable in pictures?"

I have a great affection as the Blankie, but do not know if this super protection will do well to him. He is so shy because of lack of contact with people if it coexisted with more children his age, it would certainly be good for him

Miserable? Children dress as they want, so I think that is part of the personality of Blankie

"What's the name of effect do you use for photoshop cs6 so I can try myself to learn I really love your blog :)"

I make my actions, maybe one day can provide


"What verison of Photoshop do you have now? I have CS2 very old I know and gonna get rid of it soon and download newer one"

 cs6, liked the second, but it’s true the new versions have many updates

"do iconssssssssss of pary"


"Do you have twitter so I can follow you? I really love your edits :)"

Thank you! no, I have not but I was thinking about it

would be cool?

"I really love your edits How do you do it? Teach me :) You should make some gifs too"

thank you! I ventured into photoshop and managed to flip yes I will do more, sure

"make icons?"

do everything that is provided on the jacksons :)